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Star von Bunny book

Star Von Bunny: A Model Tale

by Kym Canter

“Think like a Star, act like a Star, eat like a Star, dress like a Star, and someday soon you can be just like Star!!!”
- Star Von Bunny

She’s got the determination of the Energizer bunny, the cool edge of Hello Kitty, the ego of Miss Piggy, and the wardrobe of Barbie. She’s Star Von Bunny, a white rabbit with a vintage look and a modern attitude.

Star Von Bunny celebrates the almost famous in all of us.


“A very candid account of…what it takes to stay on top…even when you’re barely pushing two feet tall.”

“The hysterical new book tracks Star’s meteoric rise from the rabbit hole to stardom, dishing out pearls of wisdom.”

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