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You are what you eat

Star at Magnolia
Star at Magnolia

Dear fans, nDear fans, nPlease send any recipes you may want me to consider for inclusion in my new cookbook titled “Monochromatic Food for the Modern World” –svb

Star's White Food Diet


I usually head straight to Starbucks for a grande vanilla creme whip (340 calories). STAR DIET TIP 1: Having a drink without coffee saves 5 calories.

Midmorning Snack

STAR DIET TIP 2: The midmorning snack can be avoided by sleeping late and going directly to lunch.


I stop in any McDonald's and grab a vanilla cone (150 calories). STAR DIET TIP 3: Ordering the McDonald's vanilla cone instead of the vanilla triple shake (440 calories) will save you enough calories for a midnight snack... or another vanilla cone.

Midafternoon Snack

I always carry something with me that does not require a utensil. My favorites are: - a can of Reddi-wip light whipped cream (only 15 calories a tablespoon) - marshmallows (only 23 calories per marshmallow) STAR DIET TIP 4: Never measure out your whipped cream or your marshmallows.


At dinner, I exercise my culinary talent and prepare the following: - a skinless baked potato And I add one of the following "free foods" (aka condiments): - sour cream - butter - ranch dressing - mayo - salt STAR DIET TIP 5: Always eat dessert. Dear fans, Please send any recipes you may want me to consider for inclusion in my new cookbook titled "Monochromatic Food for the Modern World" –svb

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