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Star find of the week: Sailor Hats for Girls

Star find of the week: cool custom sailor hats for only a $1.00
With Memorial Day fast approaching, and Fourth of July not far off, it seems like the perfect moment to ignite a new fashion trend, let’s bring back the sailor hat! It’s cute, it’s cool, it can work with hot shorts or a baby doll dress and army boots and best of all they can be purchased by the dozen for about a dollar a piece!! Oriental Trading offers a variety of sailor or bucket hat styles including mirror ball, camouflage and a variety of custom colors and patterns. There is even a tire inspired design that feels more Afrocentric than NASCAR. If none of these already existing styles rock your boat, this site also offers the chance to D.I.Y. you own style on a couture sailor hat. Join me this weekend as I tuck my floppy ears underneath a monogrammed sailor cap and create a new trend!!

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