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No matter where you are on the issue of fur, few people will ever speak up when it comes to the issue of  using plush for garments. I am plush and I am proud. I am also the founder of a a charity called P.E.T.S.A.[ People for the Ethical Treatment of Stuffed Animals] more on that later. I was so delighted to see this coat on Stella Mccartney’s Fall 09 runway it’s the look of plush [which is always such a compliment] but its made out of Yarn and no one suffers for Yarn!.So next time you think about stepping out in wearing your childhood teddy bear try yarn instead!!! 


PS. Check out this cool new brand called Wool and the Gang, they sell patterns and yarn and you can do it yourself or you can buy cool hats and stuff ready made they sell it at a new shop near me called

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