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How to get the CHANEL Look for Under $5

If you need an inexpensive but chic look for Easter, read below and follow my advice! xoSVB

1.  Carry the shopping bag as a purse. (and I mean the real shopping bag , NOT the $$$$ leather handbag shopping bag pictured above)

2.  Have a friend that has made a Chanel purchase (we all still have one rich friend) give you the camellia and ribbon to wear.

3.  Give yourself a Chanel logo tattoo.

4.  Take a picture of CoCo Chanel and make it into a brooch or a pin.

5.  Get some chain at a local hardware store and weave some grosgrain ribbon through it and make a belt.

6.  Stop by any Chanel fragrance counter and spritz yourself for free before you’re important engagements.

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