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Are Plush Lazy?

"I think it is a common misconception that plush are lazy – most of them are just practicing non-violent protests.  They are sick and tired of being dragged around, drooled on (or worse) given cutesy names that differ than those on their sewn-in-labels or hang-tags.  I sympathize as I am 1/4 plush on my mom’s side."



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No matter where you are on the issue of fur, few people will ever speak up when it comes to the issue of  using plush for garments. I am plush and I am proud. I am also the founder of a a charity called P.E.T.S.A.[ People for the Ethical Treatment of Stuffed Animals] more on that later. I was so delighted to see this coat on Stella Mccartney’s Fall 09 runway it’s the look of plush [which is always such a compliment] but its made out of Yarn and no one suffers for Yarn!.So next time you think about stepping out in wearing your childhood teddy bear try yarn instead!!! 



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