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Free Hermes Bracelet

I was just checking out my favorite sites, and I thought I would share the site’s best surprise of all !! The downloadable free Hermes summer bracelets, which you make with paper!!! D.I.Y. your own Hermes dog collar style cuff bracelet!!! It’s unique, it’s green (if you use old paper) and best of all it can be made to fit any paw or arm size! xoxoxoxox


cool girls in cut off shorts

Here is a round up of cool girls in denim cut off shorts, some of them you may recognize and others you won’t, proving that you don’t have to be famous or rich[even though it always does seem to help] to rock this great summer look.


Lip Tattoos

The lip tattoo was originally conceived for pop stars to wear on photo shoots, but now a company called Violent Lips offer a temporary lip tattoo for only $14.95. Described as “minx for the lips” these easy to apply temporary tattoos come in three packs and are applied in a simple four-step process. The Violent lip tattoos are supposed to endure up to eight hours of fun, which supposedly includes excessive kissing, let’s hope it’s true that they can be easily removed with baby or mineral oil! I just ordered the pink tiger print and I am thinking of wearing them to the CFDA awards on June 6th. For now these luscious tattoos can only be found online at so go ahead and order a pair of lips tattoos, isn’t it about time you embraced your inner pop star even if it’s for only eight hours!


DIY Destroyed Denim Cut Offs

destroyed denim shorts alexa chung in denim
destroyed denim shorts

Even though hipster icon Alexa Chung has been rocking destroyed denim cutoffs all winter with tights, it looks like this trend is still going strong. For those of you that rather DIY than invest in high end pre-destroyed denim here is a short cut courtesy of Take an old pair of jean shorts and follow the three steps below, in under an hour you will have the perfect denim cutoff shorts. offers these three steps for an easy DIY project:
1. Lay a favorite pair of shorts over the donor jeans to mark the right length, adding a half-inch for fraying;
2. Cut straight across with sharp scissors;
3. Machine wash and dry to bring out the frayed edges.

Once your shorts are dry, trim the frayed edges so you’re not trailing fringe as you walk down the street. (You will have to periodically tidy up the threads if you wear them for months.)
To perfect your technique, also consider the following upgrades:
* If the front pockets hang at the bottom cut them off halfway down and sew up a new hem. You’re not going to be using them anyway.
* To add bleach spots, fill a tub partway with cold water and add two cups of liquid bleach. Submerge the shorts (wear gloves to protect your hands!) and leave them in the solution until the desired effect has been reached, then wash and dry. You can also paint on bleach with a paintbrush for a more precise effect.
* For artful frays, pull the denim taut over a wooden block and go at it with a cheese grater. Frayed sections will get more thready as you wash and wear them, so tread lightly here.
* To stain them a muddy color, dump used coffee grounds into a bucket and fill with enough water to make the mixture liquid. Leave the shorts in overnight, then rinse and dry.


My Met ball look

Alexander Mcqueen taking his bow spring 2009 collection
Alexander Mcqueen taking his bow spring 2009 collection

Alexander Mcqueen taking his bow spring 2009 collection.

what am I wearing to the Met ball? my bunny suit, of course! xo


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