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Distractions from the Royal Wedding

I know it’s only Monday but I am already suffering from Kate and William overload. Don’t get me wrong I love a good wedding especially when it’s royal and I am convinced my invite will turn up any day but 24/7 for one whole week, even I need a break. That is exactly why I am posting the following distractions, they include great articles to read, weird facts you should know and a cool place to shop online and best of all nothing has to do with Kate and Will. This is a link to one of my favorite articles ever!! And not because of the Rodarte bashing [which is a welcome point of view] it’s because it will really make you understand shopping and what your money can buy on a whole new level. Regardless of whether you need a culture fix or just need a subscription for Brooklyn based micro-magazines Abe’s Penny or Abe’s Peanut click on the link above to get them all. You will also be able keep up with the latest literary and art adventures of Abe’s Penny founders Tess and Anna Knoebel. This is a great shopping site not only because they gurantee70%off each designer item they sell, but they also shoot all the clothes on women with all different size bodies. That means if your any size bigger than sample size, [I am actually smaller than sample size but who’s counting] you can actually see what a dress will really look like on you before you purchase it. Still need a bit of Britain? Click on the link above for a great post on 90’s British pop stars the Spice girls!! Yes, there are pictures of designer Victoria Beckham when she was still posh spice. For a much needed laugh check out the hilarious hard to believe advertising images posted courtesy of an anonymous New York City copywriter.


Kick Eyes

Star von Bunny loves to share cool things when she finds them and she is just crazy about Nono Muaks geometrically altered anytime glasses. These hipster shades have been spoted on both Lady Gaga and David Bowie . Check out the other culturally enriched products of Xilin Fu and Benjamin Claeys at there web site


Branded for Life

Marc Ecko logo Designer Diet Coke is so last week
Marc Ecko logo

Marc Ecko logo

I have always loved logos on products but I never believed I would actually become one. Ok , that’s a bit of a lie I am hoping to become one, but I have to admit even I was a little shocked when I read about designer Marc Ecko’s branded for life campaign, he is offering anyone that will tattoo his brand logo on their skin a 20% discount for life. At first I thought this was a bit extreme but when I thought more about it I kind of realized it’s not that crazy at all, if it had been 20% of Prada or Chanel I could see added a little ink to my plush!! Karl Lagerfeld are you listening….


Star Culture

I recently decided it's time to celebrate the little things in life that make me happy, so I wrote a poem about my favorite pen.  Please send me poems about your favorite things.


Ode to my sharpie

Your look is always dark and clear

There are a few things that I hold dear

In your power you possess

The chance for beauty, a top, a dress

And when at times you are not near

A hush will come to a photographer's ear

What could make this mournful cry

Could it be that your ink run dry?




Soap Sculpture

Here’s another way you can make cheap art at home. Go get a bar of soap (Ivory works pretty well) and carve your portrait out of it! That’s what I did when artist/muse/model Terence Koh asked me to be a part of his Sugar Show at his ASS Gallery on the LES. 


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