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what to wear to a music festival

Have you been searching for an exotic summer vacation idea that will provide outdoor entertainment with trendy fashion looks with out the “it girl” price tag? Why not try a music festival. Regardless of whether your look is grungy, indie, or rock there is a music festival that will suit your style. Here is a tip sheet of what to wear to this summers hottest festivals.
1. Roskilde, Denmark June 30-july 3 Fashion TIP: wear your own faded denim and don’t forget to bring a scissor so you can buy a festival tee and customize it into a unique halter top.
2. Exit, Novi Sad, Serbia July 7-10 Fashion Tip: It doesn’t matter what you wear to this festival because anything goes, just make sure you can dance it. Work a new beauty look and try dying your hair bright pink!
3. Melt! Ferropolis , Germany July 15-17 Fashion Tip: this is a great place for a D.I.Y. look, take an old brown paper bag and a sharpie and make a designer handbag to carry!
4. Secret Garden Party, Cambridgeshire, UK July 21-24 Fashion tip: Something natural works best, try to weave some flowers into a dress or at least your hair and don’t forget your wellies!!
5. Fuji Rock, Naeba, and Japan July29-31 Fashion Tip: Work a wacky look, mini dresses, crazy tights, colored sunglasses and why not try a wig?
Now you better go out and get what you need to create your music festival style.


SVB Role Model of the Week: Vashtie

Role Model of the week role model vashtie role model role model role model Vashtie
Role Model of the week

Every week I like to shout out to someone I think is exceptionally cool and a role model like me. The criteria for this choice is simple, if I couldn’t be me, I would want to be them. This week’s Star award goes to downtown darling Va$htie Kola. You all may know her as a downtown party hostess, fashion designer, style maven and music video director, but here are ten other reasons we love Vashtie!!!
1. She has very cool graphics on her site
2. She is bringing back 90’s music [I have to admit I haven’t really missed it]
3. She is so pretty in a natural way
4. She has made a chambray shirt and cut offs a fashion statement (see my post on D.I.Y. denim cutoffs)
5. She spells her name with a $ sign
6. She is a tom boy with high fashion flair
7. Her first job was as a sales girl
8. She followed her dreams
9. She directed a Pepsi commercial with before she was thirty
10. She can invite us to good parties!
Learn more about this weeks role model by clicking here.


cool girls in cut off shorts

Here is a round up of cool girls in denim cut off shorts, some of them you may recognize and others you won’t, proving that you don’t have to be famous or rich[even though it always does seem to help] to rock this great summer look.


Lip Tattoos

The lip tattoo was originally conceived for pop stars to wear on photo shoots, but now a company called Violent Lips offer a temporary lip tattoo for only $14.95. Described as “minx for the lips” these easy to apply temporary tattoos come in three packs and are applied in a simple four-step process. The Violent lip tattoos are supposed to endure up to eight hours of fun, which supposedly includes excessive kissing, let’s hope it’s true that they can be easily removed with baby or mineral oil! I just ordered the pink tiger print and I am thinking of wearing them to the CFDA awards on June 6th. For now these luscious tattoos can only be found online at so go ahead and order a pair of lips tattoos, isn’t it about time you embraced your inner pop star even if it’s for only eight hours!


Celebrity Side Walk Sale

It's sale time again. I am selling some of my favorite designer clothes at this sale!! so come on over to Screaming Mimi's on Saturday and buy something!! svb


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